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The World Of Ally!

And, what a scary world that is...

6 March 1991
Hello, hello. It's me! Oh come on, don't act like you don't know me. We met that one time. You know. At that place. We're both friends of a friend with that guy. You know. What's-his-face. He's cute. A bit of an ass though.

Anyway, I'm Ally, and I guess people call me the original Pellie girl ^^

That rules. I love slash of all kinds, especially when it comes to really cracked pairings.

I never go anywhere without my cellphone and mp3 player. I'm a total oxymoron, who is judgemental of judgemental people.

I think I'm bisexual, but, hey, I'm only fifteen, so I've got the rest of my life to figure that out. I'm clinically bipolar, so you know my life's pretty much... bipolar.

Anyway... add me. I'll make you cookies if you do.